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Implementing CCM at Your Practice

With one in four Americans now living with at least one chronic illness, it is no surprise that 81% of primary care providers describe themselves as overextended or at full capacity. Patients with more complex health concerns utilize more resources, calling and coming into the office more frequently, putting strain on front desk staff and nurses and impeding other patients’ ability to access healthcare resources. This can have a negative impact on your patient satisfaction and retention and impede your ability to grow.

Additionally, practices facing the challenges of keeping up with the increased demand for healthcare are being penalized by Medicare – with a potential 7% payment adjustment tied to the completion of specific quality and performance measures.

Partnering with a Chronic Care Management provider, that can act as a seamless extension of your practice, can be a valuable resource for you and your patients.



Chronic Care Management Services Provided to the Patients Include:

  • 20 minutes per month of clinical time

  • A personalized care plan developed by a dedicated health professional

  • Coordination of care between multiple providers

  • 24/7 emergency access to a health care professional

  • Expert assistance developing and meeting your health goals

Advance Care Management provides an end-to-end chronic care management solution designed specifically to minimize impact to the practice while maximizing results.

1: Data Integration

We will work with your IT team to quickly integrate your EMR with our technology platform.

4: Patient Enrollment

Our team will install a seamless enrollment process that won't affect your current workflow.

2: Client Services

We will work with your staff to ensure there is no interruption to current day-to-day workflows.

5: Clinic Integration

We will work with you and your staff to integrate CCM communication.

3: Patient Marketing

We will work with your team to identify eligible patients for CCM.

6: Patient Services

Communication between our CCM staff and your staff to effectively care for your patients.

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